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Each client is unique to us

We prefer an individual approach to each case. Ready-made solutions are always about compromises and inconveniences, although they may seem like an easier option, in the long run you’ll have to deal with a number of difficulties. Just think about it: if you can have an efficient solution that is tailored specifically to achieve all your business’s goals, why settle for less? All you need to do is tell us about your business and your aspirations and we’ll do the rest. 

What we do

Technologies we use

...and that’s just the tip of an iceberg. Our team has worked with numerous technologies and platforms and we never stop learning new things and keep getting better.

Our favourite technologies

Our work process

Let’s start with your idea

Tell us about your project, your main objectives and points to focus on. We’ll figure out the best solutions and get ready for discussion.

Discuss the project

We choose the convenient date and place (or do it online) and set up a meeting. We get to know each other and our team pitches you the ideas and strategy options for the project. We discuss the details, the terms and timelines of our collaboration.

Build/Implement your Software

It’s time for the real action. At this stage we make all of the plans we’ve discussed come to live in the best form possible. Our team carries out all of the important steps on the way to a finished and fully functionable Software product.

Keeping up

Our collaboration continues as we provide updates, improvements and constant support services. Also at this stage we can discuss our future projects and any other partnership options.

How we do it

Strategies of collaboration

The dedicated team business

This option is aimed at providing your business with a dedicated Sodeira Solutions’ 5-star software development team of professionals on a long-term basis

The extension of team

This plan is focused on selecting the high-qualified Sodeira Solutions’ software developers with the right expertise that fit best for your specific project

The project-oriented

This variant is meant to ensure robust cooperation between your business and Sodeira Solutions’ experts team in association with the target project

WEB Development

Sodeira web development team is known for boosting the growth of businesses with conscious software solutions strategies. We use the best practices which have stood the test of time and proven their effectiveness, infusing the latest technologies to get the most efficient tool for discovery of your business potential and realising it to the fullest.

Web applications

End-to-end web application development services: from an idea to full integration of an app that is user-friendly, fast, secure, scalable and works well across all platforms and devices.


Develop an online shop with smooth and easy-to-use interface, suitable extensions and trustworthy integration with other operations. The development of a full-scale e-commerce platform included in our web development services.


You may rely on us to provide you with an efficient all-inclusive Java web solution for your company, as our experts have more than 15 years of reliable Java web development expertise.


Employ our services to build and grow your Magento online store. Our Magento web development services can help you migrate your ongoing platform or simply add new extensions to it.


Our Drupal web development services fulfill every business need from the building of a web solution from scratch to the full module management.

Custom development for the Enterprise

Get a customized solution tailored specifically to your business needs from scratch. Our extensive range of custom web development services ensures comprehensive cross-platform solutions, regardless of type, scale or complexity of your business.

Best innovative technologies and trends to win the race

Since Sodeira is one of the digital innovation leaders, you can rest assured that you’ll get a boost of your business with our top-notch web solutions


Implementation of Virtual Reality features for more profound user experience - virtual tours of real estate properties, resorts, or entertainment facilities


Best web solutions that work and communicate with different smart devices


Implementation of Augmented Reality features that significantly elevates user experience


Transfer services for your web solution to any scalable cloud storage of your choice

What you get

Our simple and efficient process of development in combination with our knowledge, skills and experience enable us to provide comprehensive web development services. Our services are proven to meet all requirements of our customers by offering high-quality products and first-class service.

•  Thoroughly evaluated requirements
•  Outstanding UI & UX design with easy navigation
•  Responsive design
•  Personalized features
•  Vivid and engaging visual features
•  Safe, quick and scalable solutions
•  Support and maintenance


Sodeira Mobile Apps development team provides exceptional services of creating impeccable digital solutions that enable seamless user experience on any modern platform and device. We offer end-to-end mobile applications development services including design, integration and management of the projects. One of the best experts of the field will ensure the efficient collaboration from just an idea to final results, whether it is a client-oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution.


Beautiful, fully-fledged, stable, and scalable IOS apps development and support


Functionable easy-to-use Android apps with implementation of the latest technologies and trends


Brilliant cross-platform mobile application solutions that ensure your clients get the apps that fit their OS best without losing functionality. Choose this option if you want to reach wider audience and reduce costs and time-to-market.

Best innovative technologies and trends to win the race

The Sodeira team constantly keeps up-to-date with the evolving world of technology to provide only far-sighted strategies and solutions. Use every perk of our services like trustworthy AI/ML automation and the highest level of security blockchain.


Creating 3D prototypes in Augmented reality, implementing company training software, holding Augmented reality meetings – technology will increase your operation's efficiency and help you to reduce costs


Make your business environment flexible, scalable and linked using our Microsoft Azure and AWS Cloud solutions. With Sodeira Solution services you can efficiently move your mobile strategy to the cloud


Artificial Intelligence based algorithms: machine and deep learning to automate operations, Big Data insights, fail-safe approach implementation, etc.


The Internet of Things features to help you continuously manage your operations in a safe, well-built infrastructure. Big Data collection to streamline your operations, gain insight and improve decision making for your employees

Big Data

Scalable methods to increase your Business Intelligence constantly, robust methods of assessing your data, providing your staff with a profound view and understanding of the preferences of your customers and market trends

What you get

    •  Consultations and prototyping
    •  Custom mobile applications development for iOS and Android
    •  Android & AOSP customizations
    •  Cross-platform solutions
    •  UI/UX design
    •  Automated QA and testing
    •  Power management, notification and geofencing
    •  Management and support


    Our QA services enable you to oversee the life cycle of your product, track every step of its development and provide reliable information on product quality. The newest methods and technologies that our QA specialists use to ensure that the world's leading enterprises perform and implement projects in high quality and to help provide reliable software in a timely manner.


    Through each stage of software development or after release, Sodeira provides functional testing.


    Unlike many software testing organizations, we operate mobile application tests on actual devices.


    All needed test data and databases are compiled and automated by our automated test engineers.


    We can perform usability tests with end-user representatives and qualified test engineers.


    You gain years of expertise in QA and software testing when you come to the Sodeira Solutions team. We use the technological advancements, standards and practices to help you get software of the highest quality in the time period needed.


    Our QA testers have verified the trouble-free operation of many software products throughout the years. We’ve tested 400+ mobile apps and sophisticated business software for all types of organizations, IoT ecosystems, blockchain marketplaces, and other projects. Choosing our team, you receive reliable software on which your organization can rely.


    We provide QA services in accordance with a set of processes, rules, and project documentation that we’ve created based on best industry practices and guidelines. Our QA testers help to prevent errors from arising in the first place, as well as to ensure the high quality and timely delivery of each software solution.

    ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED

    The ISO 9001:2015 accreditation assures that continual improvement and great customer service are at the heart of our quality management system. This includes worldwide quality standards for our services and operations, on-time execution, a client-oriented approach, and an independent audit that proves a dedication to high standards.


    We use a particular strategy to automated QA to ensure that your product is delivered on time without sacrificing quality. Upon each task, we employ automated Unit testing, whereas automated Acceptance and other types of testing are dependent on your business software structure, tech stack, task scale, and other variables. Our DevOps engineers and QA testers collaborate to provide smooth and continuous agile delivery.

    What you get

      •  The corporate software of the highest quality
      •  Flawless operation and capabilities of your intelligent solutions
      •  Amplification of your success and growth via the use of Artificial Intelligence
      •  Automation of the entire Business process
      •  Bettered efficiency and cycle time


      The goal of software consultancy services is to discover the fundamental causes of business issues and then develop or build a software solution to fix them. Sodeira provides software development consulting services that include software ideation, software architecture, project design, and full implementation.


      • Identifying and prioritizing your company's potential pitfalls, demands, and objectives
      • Presenting a software specifications classification
      • Developing a prototype, or an MVP


      • Developing a business case, which involves a ROI/TCO assessment
      • Developing a cost-cutting scheme and a tactic for increasing ROI
      • Establishing production schedules and timeframes
      • Developing a risk-mitigation strategy


      • Creating a high-quality design and the structure of a software system
      • Developing software architecture with an emphasis on scalability, robustness, dynamic environment, and substantial cost savings

      development consulting and implementation

      • Full self-managed software development and testing
      • Providing skill sets to your empower your crew
      • Coaching includes assisting your project team with challenging development issues, Agile/DevOps techniques, and system analysis of senior-level IT specialists

      cybersecurity & compliance advisory and implementation

      • Building requirements for cybersecurity
      • Penetration testing (automated/manual) be conducted on a regular basis
      • Instructing developers on common security flaws and safe coding techniques

      integration advisory and implementation

      • Designing and implementing system integrations

      modernization advisory and implementation

      • Re-engineering of your system
      • Recoding using best trendiest programming languages, frameworks and databases
      • Rehosting, replatforming, refactoring to the cloud
      • Repurchasing, retiring of your system

      maintenance and support

      • Maintenance and troubleshooting of software on a regular basis
      • Handling bugs in the code and the database

      Best innovative technologies and trends to win the race

      The Sodeira team constantly keeps up-to-date with the evolving world of technology to provide only far-sighted strategies and solutions. Use every perk of our services like trustworthy AI/ML automation and the highest level of security blockchain.


      Years of experience of our software engineers, QA consultants, Business Analysts, IT consultants, certified Project Managers and Scrum Masters, technical architects, security engineers, DevOps engineers and data analytics

      ISO certified

      27001 (guaranteed security of the customer's data via an information security management system)
      9001 (mature quality management system allowing to implement projects that meet customer's quality, time, and budget expectations)

      Quality of Service

      Highly qualified, experienced and client-oriented. Our team consists of the specialists with one of the highest number of repeat clients. 

      What you get

        •  Up to 40% development and testing cost reduction
        •  3 times faster feature delivery
        •  Up to 90% fewer software bugs

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