The tech
partner you’re
looking for!

We build the Software
in collaboration with you

No need to waste your time and resources on hiring and managing each person to form your own internal development team, just trust us with all the technical aspects and we’ll work our magic. It’s way easier and much more effective. Choosing us as your tech partner you’ll get dedicated and high-skilled experts that are always ready to help and aimed at achieving all the goals that you set.

We’re client-oriented, attentive to details and really resourceful when it comes to ideas on how to improve the project and make it stand out.

  • Effective collaboration
  • Best experts at your service
  • You’re in charge

The A Team

What makes us the A Team? Only the brightest talents strengthened by years of experience and everlasting passion for their job. The Sodeira team is about quality, innovation and the best user experience possible. We know how to make your business more efficient and what can help you scale. We’re not just building Software, we’re providing you with the powerful thought out tools and strategies that are proven to get the results that exceed expectations. We care about our work and we care about our clients as we consider them a part of our team.

We have the capacity to take up all of your CTO responsibilities and more. Management of research, coaching, DevOps, development and every other technological need. 

The partnership approach

Our clients stay with us for years and not because of the contracts, we won’t lock you up in that, our approach is very much different. Our partners simply appreciate our style of work, easy communication and the results that we keep providing every step of the way.

  • Better than just average contractors, as we are not only about here and now, we’re always keeping in mind the opportunities for future success as well.
  • Easier and more cost-efficient than the internal development team. We have multiple successful cases of replacing the whole tech department in a long run.

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The Sodeira Culture

Within the Sodeira Team we cultivate the pursuit of knowledge and skills excellence and we provide numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. We believe that teamwork help bring out the best of each participant of the collaboration: the mix of the different experience and creativity sources presents the unique setup to come up with the best insights and strategies 

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