Main Trends of the Data World in 2022

Today, data and analytics are at the forefront of enterprises all around the world. Many essential business components, such as product development, market strategy, competitive analysis, and operations, now rely on data-driven decision making. Data is...

Sodeira Solutions Announces the Newly Designed Website, Which Showcases the Company's Rebranding Efforts and the Improved Range of Services

We are pleased to introduce our new website design to present a more consistent image with our evolution over the past few years, allowing us to engage with current and potential clients in new and exciting ways.   Together with this, we present our ...

Essential Software for Businesses

We live in a world that is run by computers. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine having a successful business without being tech-savvy. Even if you don’t feel confident in your relationship with technology, there are always professionals who have a wa...

What Information Matters?

Most organizations have critical forms of information that are dictated by their business model or industry. The nature of operations in their businesses dictates that information on that entity be delivered as quickly as possible. For retailers, it mi...

World and data during a pandemic

The world is changing and here are a few figures to show you how numbers help with observing the full picture.

Getting the Information That Matters at the Right Time

While it’s not normally viewed as a time constraint by executives, the human ability to digest information is limited, and that digestion is a contributor to the cycle time of information management. Executives often want information faster, but they d...

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