Sodeira Transforms IT Support with an AI Engine

Sodeira Solutions, a software development company, is focused on next-generation digital services and consulting, has introduced a new module based on artificial intelligence (AI) and aimed to improve help desk services.

Sodeira's new cloud-based AI functionality is intuitive for the end user, fully integrated into the overall service management workflow, and automated to minimize the involvement of help desk resources.

Sodeira Cloud-Based AI combines the intelligence of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), featuring Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities. It also adds skills critical for enabling assisted and unassisted email responses, thereby giving customer helpdesks the flexibility to focus on requests requiring manual intervention. 

Integrating seamlessly with enterprises' existing IT, Sodeira Cloud-Based AI:


  • Responds to email inquiries from customers and partners in a proactive manner with highly tailored answers.
  • Understands consumer intent by analyzing emails and triggering the appropriate actions.
  • Automatically suggests tailored offers, assists with auto-responds, improves help desk performance, and enhances overall customer satisfaction.

Konstantin Zavoronkov, CEO of Sodeira Solutions, said, "While working with our clients, we notice two main trends – the need for resilience to address real-world problems effectively; and the other is the adoption of intelligent automation to amplify actionable insights. We are launching a solution that addresses both challenges and enables companies to proactively and efficiently work with customers' queries."


About the Company

Sodeira Solutions provides next-generation digital services and consulting.

 We help clients drive digital transformation. We have solid experience in managing the systems and operations of global enterprises and helping our clients navigate the digital transformation journey. Our ongoing training program drives our continuous progress by building and transferring digital skills, experience and ideas.

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