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The sodeira way

When you’re running a business, sooner or later you will need good developers to help you up your game. Many companies face the hard decision: shall I build an internal team or outsource?

We build applications with you, not for you

Tech partnership with Sodeira is like having your own internal development team but better. You get a full-time committed team invested in your success without the hassle of hiring, firing and managing each person. You can focus on running your business.

You’re a startup, or part of a larger business that needs to act like a startup. We are tech partners, which means that when we put together a team, you’re part of it. We don’t keep you at arms length. We get in the pool and don’t mind getting wet.

  • Working as partners

  • You set the goals

  • Full-time committed team

Developers you’d introduce to you parents (or CEO).

There are no middlemen. We don’t have a sales team. The people you meet and talk to are the people writing your code. No awkward conversations, no grunting. We don’t hire developers – even brilliant ones – who hide in basements. All our developers are a rare breed: good at code and great at working in teams. They talk like normal people, too.

And we’re not just coders. Some of us are UX researchers, agile coaches and DevOps engineers. We can be your CTO too.

“Part of your business. Without being part of your business.”

We’ve set up Sodeira to be just another part of your business. If your plans change, we’ll change with them. If there’s a simpler (and cheaper) way to get what you need, we’ll tell you. It’s how you’d work if you had your own developers and it’s how we’ll work with you. You won’t even notice we’re not in the building.

We don’t lock you in with contracts, but we won’t be too surprised if we’re still working with you in ten years time.

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Company culture the Sodeira way

We’re Sodeira. A small company with big dreams. We are a bunch of geeks who, by stroke of luck or divine providence, ended up working together every day solving problems. We don't believe in hierarchy, we believe in freedom and trust.

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