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(Not just a) Junior Developer

Hi! We’re sodeira - a tech company comprising of 55 problem-solvers with diverse skill sets in back end, front end, full stack, mobile, UX design and DevOps. And we’re on the lookout for a Junior Developer to join our team in creating great products hand in hand with our US-based Clients.

But most importantly, we hope to find a true colleague and friend who’ll enjoy facing everyday challenges, striving for technical excellence and growing together, as well as a solid partner in helping our Clients think about technology and navigate the treacherous paths of building digital products.

Sounds interesting? If so, keep reading.

As a Junior Developer @sodeira you will:

  • join a 2-6 people team working directly with one of our overseas Clients on a daily basis
  • learn to become a consultant who gets a good grasp of the business side of the product or a technical problem, distills the right set of requirements and thinks creatively about a solution
  • not only develop great code, but also a close, lasting relationships with our Clients **
  • have a real influence on what we build and how we build it, and contribute to the growth of a high-performing quality-focused team, which relies on trust, shared responsibility, and self-organisation
  • work in both: back and front end, since our stack varies from project to project – our most popular technologies are: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, Python, Java, Javascript, AWS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, but you might also come across Scala and a few more
  • make a tangible difference in people's lives by contributing to either of several EdTech or MedTech projects, or perhaps become part of the unwavering success of a Big Data product around social media platforms and measurement. You’ll start off in one of the established projects, but the landscape of our incoming businesses is diverse, so you might have the opportunity to set foot on uncharted territory quite quickly.

We might be a great match for each other if you are:

  • interested in developing complete solutions in direct partnership with our Clients
  • convinced that a great software engineer makes smart choices to achieve great results – you don’t limit yourself to the roles, frameworks, or languages you already know
  • eager to learn new things, some of which go beyond your technical skills, and master the ones you already know
  • a true problem-solver - you’re on a constant search of “the why” of things and decisions, you’re proactive and disruptive of the status quo
  • not afraid to tackle both front and back end (in varying proportions)
  • familiar with the core concepts of relational databases and have knowledge of SQL of some flavor
  • take interest in the well-being of others and the company as a whole

We might also be a great match for each other if you have:

  • 0.5+ years of experience in software development
  • a degree in IT/Computer Science (or you’re at least a 3rd year student of these majors)
  • a very good command of English (B2+) and feel comfortable using it on a daily basis
  • acquired a decent knowledge of at least one back-end programming language used in web development, and you’re eager to develop your skills in new technologies,
  • an open and curious mind - you’re eager to experiment and see opportunities where others don’t
  • some experience in working within a team and are great to collaborate with
  • the “how” attitude - you hold ‘clean code’ practices at heart and take responsibility for the quality of solutions delivered; you’re happy to go the extra mile when an opportunity to make things a bit better comes your way.

It would also be great if you:

  • the knowledge around concepts, tools, and designs of web applications
  • an understanding of agile and Lean methodologies for a seamless and adaptive workflow
  • had the opportunity to work directly with a client (especially US-based)

What you also might like to know is that:

We’re an employee empowered company. This means that you will have an actual impact on the company’s actions and a share in its profits. Also, we have incorporated many elements of a flat structure, so you won’t have to work around any communication barriers. And finally, we believe that autonomy is the springboard for awesome ideas, so we’ll give you the tools and independence to experiment and own your initiatives.

What are the perks and benefits @sodeira?


  • up to 10% of your week dedicated to self-development
  • an opportunity to take part in training courses and Gallup Strengths coaching
  • conference and education budget - you name the events!
  • English classes with native speakers at the office

For additional activities aimed at advancing your personal skills or the interests of the company we offer a budget of 2k$ per year.

Physical wellbeing:

  • yummy breakfasts, snacks and fully-covered lunches (which you can have delivered to the office or you can enjoy a walk to one of the hip restaurants nearby)
  • Multisport card and a healthcare package

Work arrangement:

  • laptop of your choice, which you’ll become a proud owner of after 30 months with Sodeira
  • full-time or a part-time engagement of min. 24h/week
  • flexible working hours / a month long workation is fine too :)
  • working from home if there's a need - an average of 10-20% of your time should be ok with your team
  • the occasional business trips to the US (mainly NYC, Chicago)
  • 26 days per year of paid holiday and additional sick leave or special leave days (including parental leave) with B2B

If you feel the chemistry already just hit „apply” and let’s give it a go!

What does the recruitment process look like?

  1. It will take us up to a few days to review your application and get back to you in an email.
  2. If there is potential for a match, we’ll invite you to solve a few Codility tasks. You’ll have around a week’s time to complete it.
  3. If your solutions meet our criteria, we’ll invite you for a 30-40 min remote chat with our HR manager and one of our developers, to get to know you a bit better, discuss your Codility answers and perhaps complete a quick extra task or two.
  4. Should all go well, we’ll meet for the final step which is ~2,5h interview at our office. It’ll be divided into two parts. First, we’d love to hear more about your experience, and tell you a bit more about sodeira over freshly ground coffee. After a short break, we’ll jump into the technical part where you’ll have the chance to truly show off your skills.^
  5. Regardless of our decision, we will make sure that you receive timely feedback during each stage of the process.
  6. If it turns out that we're a great match for each other then welcome to Sodeira! We'll be happy to start your onboarding shortly.

^ The health and safety of everyone involved in the process is our priority. So given the current situation in Estonia, we decided for this chat to be conducted remotely.

It is a new experience for us, and it might be ‘a first’ for you too. There is no need to worry, though. We’ll provide you with detailed information on the meeting logistics in advance.


€1,500 - €2,500 (B2B) / €1,500 - €2,000 gross (UoP)



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